Here can be found my reels as well as other projects I've been a part of (on camera).


Betrothed is a horror film to be released in 2015 about a girl (played by Mikayla Gibson) who gets abducted by two brothers (myself and Adam Dunnells) and must escape before she's either wed or dead. A detective (Tre Ireland) stumbles across clues which pull him into the fray. Can he find her in time or will it be too late?

A sword fight I choreographed for the USC MFA Class of '14 1st year fight project.  Executed by Bradford Barnes, Corey Walter Johnson, and myself. I'm the one with longer hair and puffy white sleeves.  Click here to watch another, more comedically based sword fight between myself and Ryan Gigliotti, with Matrix-style support from Chase Padgett. 

Web Series-Nightmare Episode 01 For USC Annenberg School CMGT599 Hollywood Production Culture Created by Yue Yang, Elizabeth M. Lockwood, Yang Chen, Ruoyi Wang and Jiahua Li

A project made for the Ford Fiesta Movement.  Directed by Shane Hartline and produced by Wooden Steel. Be sure to check out the "making of" after.   You can also check out some other fun sketches I've been a part of with Wooden Steel and subscribe to the page, you won't be sorry you did...didn't...ah double negatives!