Here will be posted random musings on acting, life, philosophy, and things I find humorous.  Possibly even some fun stories about auditions, callbacks, and other industry related insanity.

Playing catch-up

I've had the great fortune to be busy the last few months, which has kept me from updating. Here's a quick highlight of what I've been up to:

Finished "The Blue Steam Mystery" in January and it's up for sale on Audible, Amazon and iTunes. I'm onto my second audio book, "Devil's Cradle," by Drew Avera. It's a psychological thriller that's sure to entertain!

I'm now working with interACT, a troupe founded and head by Dr. Mark Rich, that focuses on using techniques learned in Theatre of the Oppressed to help teach. I'm part of a traveling piece that is touring US Naval and Marine bases throughout the world and also serving corporate America. The focus of the 1 hour show is to educate and draw attention to bystander intervention in relation to rape. Very important work.

I'm also working as Captain Sebastian the Black at Pirates Dinner Adventure - Buena Park. You can see me at least once a week!

Lastly, I recently completed filming on the short, "The Goblin Queen," and had a blast PLUS received my SAG eligibility! Be sure to look for this short at a festival near you. You can also see a photo of me as the, "Goblin," on my Actor page.

Here's to a great 2015!

New gig!

I've just been contracted to narrate an audiobook of "The Blue Steam Mystery (Wilder Detective Agency Book 2)" by Mark Barnard. This marks my first foray into a full audiobook and is already proving to be an exciting adventure. Stay tuned to find out when it will become available!

Forward Progress

Currently, a film I was a part of that shot in May and June of this year ('14) is about to have a trailer unveiled and should be announcing a theatrical release soon, pretty psyched about this. The film is, "Betrothed," and is about one young woman who's kidnapped by a deranged family looking to increase the size of their clan. Meanwhile, a detective who happens to be in the right place at the wrong time, gets sucked into the case of this missing woman. Can she make it out before she's either wed or dead? Can he find her before the trail runs cold? Pretty exciting stuff.

Also, I recently have been cast in two projects. One is a USC Junior Thesis film, can't talk about it just yet, but it's shaping up to be pretty badass - plus I get a SAG waiver out of it! Score! The second is a USC Cinema Studies class filming a TV show style crime drama - and my character is pretty out there, just the kind I love to play! 

Lastly, I've been working with some fellow improvisers and we've banded together to create "Lady Friend." We'll have some gigs coming up soon (in fact one is this weekend, that I unfortunately have to miss due to work). I'll be sure to post about them in the events section.

Till next time, keep on sailing, friends!


Today, I stumbled upon Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield's rendition of "Space Oddity" by David Bowie.  Apparently it's been out for a year now and today was the final day he had the legal rights to have it posted on YouTube.  If you hadn't seen it while it was up, it was him in the International Space Station singing "Space Oddity" and playing the guitar chords to the song. edited together in a music video style of shots of him in different parts of the space station. Between that, the fact it's IN the freaking I.S.S., AND that you can see shots of the Earth and the I.S.S., it is a video truly epic in scale.  Unfortunately, as I said before, today was the last day you could view it (legally), yet, there is something you can still view and it is equally as epic and possibly even more inspiring.  Chris Hadfield did a TED talk about overcoming "fear" and I know this TED talk is definitely worth the 18:22 it takes to watch it.  Mr. Hadfield is Inspiring, honest, and humble, all things I strive to be daily, but most of all, he's fearless.  Not because he's always been that way, mind you, not because any of us are always fearless, but because he has the courage to face his fears in the moment and come out on top - because if we don't take the risk, what are we living for?  Acting is all about risk.  We bare a part of our souls for an audience, most of whom we don't know, hoping that what we are sharing is truthful, honest, and accepted by those we are acting in front of.  If you're in a field where more people in the world would rather die then speak in front of a group of people, then you know you've chosen a ballsy profession.  Yet Hadfield gives a unique and challenging perspective on what "fear" really is.  So the next time you enter that audition room, or get ready to walk out on stage or in front of a camera, just think, you could be an astronaut in the vastness of space with nothing but a little bit of scientifically engineered clothing between you and eternity.  

You can view Chris Hadfield's TED talk here.